Behind the Tsunami

Indonesia is a country located in the three-plate collision zone, the Eurasian plate, the Indo Australia plate, and the Pacific plate. This situation has caused Indonesia to have a series of volcanoes called ‘Ring of Fire.’ The Indonesia archipelago has a lot of potential for natural disasters such as tsunamis.

Last December, a tsunami occurred in Pandeglang. The damage after the tsunami was quite severe and caused many casualties. This disaster brought grief to the majority of the people of Pandeglang who lived in the area.

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Andri* is one of our church planters, he served in the Pandeglang area but was immediately moved to the disaster area.

The atmosphere of the disaster area was very chaotic. Properties were destroyed and shattered into pieces on the beach. While walking around seeing the situation, Andri saw a man who was also looking around and decided to approach him.

They began discussing natural events that had occurred. While talking, Andri learned the man’s name is Rudi*, that he’s a native of Pandeglang and works as a teacher at an elementary school in the area. Further, into the conversation, they began to talk about the faith that Rudi believed. Andri did not want to waste this opportunity to evangelize Rudi.

He started by telling Rudi about Jesus Christ and how He took away human sins, then continued with the first human story created by God, Adam and Eve. Andri emphasized that only through Jesus can humans survive from death.

Rudi listened to Andri’s story carefully and seemed interested. When they ran out of time, Andri invited Rudi to meet him again so he could tell more stories. Rudi agreed to Andri’s invitation, and they went their separate ways.

The second meeting went well, Andri continued the Bible stories from the first meeting. Rudi still remembers Andri’s story about Adam and Eve. Andri was very grateful because he felt that this was a good start for him to reach Rudi. Andri continued with the story of Cain, Abel, and Noah. Through these stories, Rudi decided to believe in Jesus Christ.

Andri was very grateful for God’s kindness in the process of reaching out to Rudi. He was surprised by how quickly Rudi made the decision. Andri asked Rudi what made him so sure.

Rudi answered with a relatively long explanation. He felt unhappy throughout his life because he knew he was a sinner. Someday the Almighty would call him, and he didn’t know if God would be happy with him or not. Hearing Rudi’s statement, Andri again emphasized that whoever believes in Jesus Christ and lives right according to His commands, will be saved. God guarantees salvation for those who want to believe and live with Him.

After going through several meetings, Rudi finally decided to be baptized. Thank God! Andri is very grateful that God brought him together with Rudi. He did not expect that to come from the disaster that occurred some time ago, God arranged his meeting with Rudi and made Rudi his disciple.

Now, Rudi is conducting coaching and training to be prepared to become a leader in the area where he lives. Rudi’s family is in the process of learning about Jesus Christ. Amid family has experienced an extraordinary process in recent months. Andri hopes that Rudi can continue to have strong faith in Christ and can regenerate to form a house church.

Prayer Points:

  • Pray for Rudi in the training process, may Rudi be able to develop and his life continues to be used by God.
  • Pray for youth groups that have been formed. Hopefully, they can continue to be faithful to God, and their faith continues to grow to witness the glory of God in society.
  • Pray for the group of house members in every activity they do, may God continue to give a hand so that its members can increase day by day.
  • Pray for the Church planting team in its service in the Pandeglang Region; presumably, every planned program can run according to the set targets and more and more souls who want to give themselves to repentance.
*Names have been Changed for security.

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