Beautiful Friendships Bloom Amid Tragic Circumstances

Ministry Partner Oasis India was established 24 years ago by Christian leaders in India who were concerned about the destitute and marginalized of their cities. Oasis works to bring hope, restoration, and reintegration to women and children who are victims of injustice. The ministry focuses on education, health care, life skills, counseling, and community awareness, with the ultimate goal of lives restored into a relationship with God.


A sixth grader, Tejasri, lost her father seven months ago. Her mother did not work outside the home so her elder brother dropped out of school to work and raise money for the family. As their family struggled through their loss, Tejasri learned about our After-School Program (ASP) through one of our staff at the Potter’s Wheel Hub.

Since Tejasri joined the ASP, she has grown in great confidence and is showing development in personal and academic areas. She says, “I like going to the ASP classes at Oasis because I love studying with my friends. I take part in all the activities with them at the hub.” Studying together has motivated her to do better in school. She says, “One day I hope to become a teacher and teach many other children just like me.”

Women from the red-light areas of Mumbai share a very strong connection with each other as these women have all faced similar struggles. Some friends have played vital roles in transforming the lives of others. Read about two friendships that paved the way to restoration and safety. 

Oasis sept 2019


Life was looking very grey for Sayeesha because of her alcoholic husband, poverty, and unending challenges. She had all the responsibility of caring for and providing for her children. She received no support from her husband or her extended family. Finally, she resorted to sex work in Mumbai.

While working in the red-light area, Kasturi* and Sayeesha became friends. Kasturi had gone through a similar turmoil as Sayeesha, so there was an instant bonding. In God’s perfect timing, Kasturi met with our staff and eventually moved out of the red-light area. She started helping the staff prepare meals for the children in our programs.

Then Kasturi introduced Sayeesha to the Oasis staff and encouraged her to take the 6-month vocational tailoring course and the hair-styling course. After a few months, Kasturi helped Sayessha leave the red-light area as well. Now Sayessha works in a beauty parlor and is providing for her children. A good friend can be a trailblazer and Kasturi was just that for Sayeesha.

*Names changed for security.

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