Be careful what you pray for!

Rain is a natural blessing from heaven. Even before Christianity came to Africa, the absence of rain has always been associated with offending the spiritual realm. Last year Kenya was devastated by a drought so severe that the government declared the country in a national disaster. Christians gathered to pray for God to look upon the country with mercy and bless us with rain. Truly, God heard our prayers!

Sarki*, one of the MKM church planters, attended a Risk Assessment and Management workshop in Nairobi mid-April. After that, he returned to his area of ministry in Kenya to continue the work the Master Jesus had for him this new term. His family joined him, excited to continue evangelism among the unreached peoples and conducting fellowship among fellow missionaries. That is . . . until the rains started.

And once the rains started, they wouldn’t stop! Before long, water pooled in Sarki’s house. It rained and rained until the nearby river broke its banks and flooded the entire village. Next, the mission school compound was enveloped in a pool of flood water. Sarki and his family had to walk about six miles through ground water to safe ground. They soon learned that a neighboring village had been swept away entirely.

Right now, one month after school was to open, the doors of this school are still shut. The education stakeholders decided to merge several schools into one of those that has been least affected by floods.

Currently Sarki and a few other church planters are staying as guests of a friend in a nearby town. They continue to fellowship and pray for God to show them what He is up to even in this situation. Sarki says,

“We are not sure what God wants to accomplish through these floods, but we can trust in His wisdom. It is easy to see the catastrophic side of these floods and yes, it has caused lots of damage, but as ambassadors of Christ, we think not the way the world thinks. We currently are trusting that God will show his servants what He is doing, especially in the Muslim places we are serving. At the same time we are asking Him that the negative effects of these floods be averted. And if the floods are happening just so the communities may seek Him, His will be done.”

Another mission school among the “O” people group has been forced to take on children from flooded schools. The population of the school has now tripled and students have to sit on the floor because desks take too much space and wouldn’t leave room for the children.

However, we see this to be an opportunity God has created for us to reach as many children as possible and expose them to the saving grace of Christ Jesus. Those parents who had shielded their children from the mission school have been arm twisted to allow their children to attend our school! This is a time for us to express the love of Christ to them. Most of them come from families where they hardly see true love being shared but rather a set of rules that must be followed. Our prayer is that by the time they return to their schools and homes they will always remember the love they were shown by Christians and will want to know about the Christian life.

Evangelism and discipleship visitations have been greatly curtailed by the flooding. It is difficult to navigate villages through floods. Besides, right now the concern for most families is what their families will eat. Food commodities have become scarce with food prices shooting sky high. Our family has had to share what we have with some coworkers as we walk them on the journey of faith.

Thank you for praying for the work of MKM and for our outreach during these difficult times.

*Name changed for security reasons.

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