Baptism Opens Deaf Woman’s Ears


Hana* is a young lady of 24 years of age that was born with hearing loss. She decided to get baptized. She had kept a desire in her heart: She wanted to do it in the Jordan River, where Jesus was baptized. That’s how last month, in a service trip with refugees, the Lord conceded what her heart desired and was baptized in those waters and under those skies that were witnesses of the miracle of Emmanuel, “God with us”. She uses a hearing aid set, without them she can’t hear. Before getting baptized, she took it off. While she was in the water and before being submerged she narrated: “Without my hearing device I heard all the songs and message, even the bird songs. It was wonderful… I was a bit confused, I cannot explain, but I know it is something from the Lord, A miracle… My heart is full of joy and gratitude.”

Name* has been changed for security. 


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