It’s Back to School for Roshan Life Students

On February 19, 2018 we in Roshan Life started our new school year after a two-month winter break.


The first day was pretty informal. Teachers and students shared about their experiences in winter break. Students submitted their vacation home tasks while teachers were busy working on their syllabi and classrooms.

In full swing

After hiring a new principal and new teachers, our school is in full momentum. We held many discussion meetings with the teachers to inspire stewardship. These meetings have had great impact and now teachers design different activities to bring creativity. They work closely with the children to polish hidden abilities and to bring a change in the students’ lives through knowledge.

First impressions from new teachers

Physics teacher: (classes 8,9,10) At this school, the atmosphere is much better than other institutions. From lower level to high level, each one respects one another. I have never seen such type of friendly environment.

Chemistry teacher: (classes 8,9,10) I have seen that in Roshan Life’s school, the teachers are not enforced by authorities to cover the syllabus, but the main focus is on the child’s learning.

Please pray

  • Pray for these students that May God bless them with extra wisdom while they are learning.
  • Pray for the students preparing for high school board exams.
  • Pray too for the new and returning instructors.


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