• PRODEV CLinic Patiens 1 copie

    Ears Healed and Hearts Softened

    June 26, 2019 | PRODEV, Senegal

    PRODEV CLinic Patiens 1 copie

    Despite the effects the two decades of civil war has had on the southern region of Senegal, our clinic project is still functional and serving all people.

    Aida* is a 35-year-old lady who lives in a suburb, she came into …

  • WA Elderly Man

    Mandingo Mission

    April 12, 2019 | PRODEV, Senegal

    The Mission among the Mandingo people is progressing well, thanks to your prayers.

    Jakum, one of our missionaries in Senegal, shared the following:

    “We are encouraged by the work of evangelism. God blessed us with a man of peace, an …

  • Supporting Ministry through Breeding Pigs

    Supporting Ministry through Breeding Pigs

    December 19, 2018 | PRODEV, Senegal

    Pigsty 7

    In one of the towns where we work, several individuals raise pigs to generate additional income for their families. If they are profitable enough, a family will often hire someone to take care of their project on the side. A …

  • SEPR December 2017 Update Ministry Prayer Needs

    Ministry Prayer Needs

    December 16, 2017 | PRODEV, Senegal

    Dear Partners,Ministry Prayer Needs

    For the current month of December, we request that you be in prayer for the following items:

    • Thank God with us for the good holding of our general assembly in November.
    • Pray for the development of our Evangelical

  • Missionary Work-in-Progress

    November 26, 2017 | PRODEV, Senegal

    Missionary Work-in-Progress

    Jakum* is the PRODEV missionary in Senegal to the M* people group. Here he shares about how his work is going. He said:

    “We have already spent almost three months in this village. During this time, we have presented the …

  • SEPR October 2017 Update Access Ministries

    Access ministries

    October 24, 2017 | PRODEV, Senegal

    Access Ministries

    This month we want you to pray with us for three of our Access Ministries:

    • The medical project we are developing in a village we work in. The rainy season is ending, and there have been hundreds of cases of

  • SEPR June 2017 Update Women Camp 17 Workshop

    Women’s camp

    June 22, 2017 | PRODEV, Senegal


    There were some 210 women from the AEES churches who gathered for three days at the beginning of June 2017. They focused on the subject of child upbringing. The camp idea was born in February when a short teaching …

  • SEPR May 2017 Update Outreach

    Mandingo Outreach

    May 22, 2017 | PRODEV, Senegal

    SEPR May 2017 Update Outreach


    The following is an update from our Church Planter to the Mandingo people:


    The work is progressing well despite the fact that the people are difficult to reach for the Good News. They are sincere people. We

  • SEPR March 2017 Update Evangelism outreach and bible

    Outreach update

    March 22, 2017 | PRODEV, Senegal

    SEPR March 2017 Update Evangelism outreach and bible


    The work of evangelism started since December 2016. Our church planter’s name is Jakum*. In his monthly report he said, “I have two contacts. One is a Koran teacher, and the other one is a close relative. The moment …

  • IMG 2625

    Children in distress update

    February 10, 2017 | PRODEV, Senegal


    Cheerful ambiance at the Care Center


    Do you remember El Hadj*? This teenager once frequented the Children in Distress center. A recent interview of him was done as he paid a visit. El Hadj said:


    I was brought into the Center in 2000