• NPNC April 2018 Update Training Makes All the Difference in Youth Ministry

    Training Makes All the Difference in Youth Ministry

    April 24, 2018 | NCFN

    We recently hosted a three month long leadership training program that was attended by seven men and four women. The training helped them to grow deeper in their relationships with God by practicing morning quiet time in silence and solitude. The participants shared with us that it has helped them to become more disciplined in … Read more

  • Leadership Training Transforms New Believer

    March 26, 2018 | NCFN

    The twentieth round of church leadership training for our ministry happened last year between July and October, with three male and nine female students. They represented four different districts of Western Nepal.  Students were taught twelve different practical subjects during the training. They also went to three different villages of Western Nepal for outreach, where … Read more

  • NPNC January 2018 Update Still Rebuilding after the Earthquake

    Still Rebuilding after the Earthquake

    February 8, 2018 | NCFN

    When the earthquake hit Nepal on April 25th, almost three years ago, many people died and thousands of people became homeless. The Leadership Training Department of NCF Nepal provided food materials to 1200 families and temporary houses to another 180 people in D*, one of the areas most affected by the event. After the construction … Read more

  • NPNC November 2017 Udpate Successful Womens Leadership Seminars

    Successful Women’s Leadership Seminars

    November 23, 2017 | NCFN

    One of the regions of Nepal that lies in the mid hills, only ninety kilometers from the capital, has a mixed population of ethnicities and caste groups. Those that live there primarily follow the Buddhist religion. In this region, we facilitated two women’s leadership seminars in a rural areas in mid-October. There were about 54 … Read more

  • NPNC October 2017 Update Womens Leadership Training 1

    Women’s Leadership Training

    October 23, 2017 | NCFN

    By the Grace of God, the Eastern Leadership Training Centre of Leadership Training Department NCF Nepal was able to conduct one month of women’s leadership training from August 28th to September 28th, 2017. This was our eighth group of people to complete the training. The Lord gave us eight women from different churches of Eastern … Read more

  • Relief Work Report from Eastern Nepal

    September 28, 2017 | NCFN

    The Rural Reconstruction Nepal (RRN) situation report gives the following data on their report: People in Nepal have been living in a terrible situation created by the torrential monsoon rainfall since the tenth of August this year. The incessant rainfall has triggered a massive scale of flooding and landslides in 21 districts, where more than … Read more

  • NPNC August 2017 Update Overcoming the Norms of Nepali Culture

    Overcoming the Norms of Nepali Culture

    August 31, 2017 | NCFN

                                        Once when speaking with an elderly couple, I asked, “Why did you arrange for your son to be married at such a young age?” They replied, “We were getting too old to work around the house, cook … Read more

  • Nepal Kathmandu Feb 2015 141Edit 2

    Women Empowering Women in Nepal

    July 31, 2017 | NCFN

    The Church in Nepal consists of more than 60% women. However, only a few women are involved in church ministry. Potential women leaders are not able to effectively involve themselves in the ministry because of a lack of proper training. We have been training women leaders through one-month residential training in the capital since 2006 and … Read more

  • NPNC June 2017 Update trainee studies

    A trainee receives vision

    June 28, 2017 | NCFN

      Mr. Phal* came to the training center to be equipped in a three month leadership training program. He says that he was not able to live a victorious Christian life before coming to training. He testifies that he was also not able to actively participate in the church.   He discovered the real purpose of … Read more

  • NPNC May 2017 Update training healing power

    God’s healing power

    June 3, 2017 | NCFN

      Gorakh* is one of many Nepalese who come from very poor families. His district is in a very remote area. He wanted to study, but his parents couldn’t even afford the lowest fees in public school. Somehow he completed grade IX and then got married. Life became financially more burdensome after marriage. His wife … Read more