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    The Power of the Gospel

    April 29, 2021 | Living Gospel Ethiopia

    Because of the global pandemic, the training center had been shut down for a year. But by God’s grace, it restarted again at the end of March. Trainees were very happy and gave thanks to the Lord for gathering together again for discipleship training. Trainees came from different local churches and new church planting areas. … Read more

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    The Third Phase of Disciple Making Movement Training

    April 6, 2019 | Living Gospel Ethiopia

    Mentoring In our third round of Disciples Making Movement (DMM) Training, we launched another district from March 4th – 6th. Trainees came from many different local churches. We focused on the third Pillar book – How to Make Disciples and we discussed on the following specific issues: radical discipleship, an understanding priesthood of all believers, … Read more

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    The Second Phase of Disciple Making Movement Training

    February 7, 2019 | Living Gospel Ethiopia

    Discipleship Training The Disciple Making Movement’s second phase took place this last December. People came from multiple different local churches, 95% of them were full-time ministers of local churches such as pastors, evangelists and church planters. The training during this second phase focused on the “Holistic Growth of Discipleship.” In the classroom, we held a … Read more

  • Advice from a Friend Sets New Direction

    Advice from a Friend Sets New Direction

    November 7, 2018 | Living Gospel Ethiopia

    When he was a young boy (just 12 years old), Zewde got involved with the wrong group of friends. They led him into betting, gambling, and not taking advice from those who advised him to stay away. It kept getting worse, until one day some people he cheated cut his wrist, intending to kill him. … Read more

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    Discipleship Training Drastically Changes Perspectives

    August 2, 2018 | Living Gospel Ethiopia

    Our ministry’s main goal is to develop effective leaders for the work of the Kingdom. Our desire to do this work comes from seeing that, over the last twenty years or so, all of the problems the church has had stem from leaders that have not been properly trained or educated. The problems ultimately come … Read more

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    Hoodlums’ Plans Thwarted

    June 27, 2018 | Living Gospel Ethiopia

    Every year Living Gospel Ethiopia trains more than 300 church planters and leaders with kingdom principles for church leadership, outreach and missions. Before the trainees can continue to the next level of training, they are required to use what they learned and bring people to Christ and plant a church. One of our trainees was … Read more

  • Trained To Train

    May 31, 2018 | Living Gospel Ethiopia

      Over the years, I (ministry leader Alex) have trained close to 400 Christians to serve as Master Trainers who, in turn, train other believers. In the past three months, the 390 Master Trainers trained 8,376 church leaders. Praise the Lord.   Last week we had a good training time which makes me very happy. … Read more

  • Training redirects church leaders’ lives

    February 20, 2018 | Living Gospel Ethiopia

    Over the past three years, Living Gospel Ethiopia has been training 42 leaders in an area about 150 miles from Addis Ababa. The participants are leaders in their various churches. Twenty-nine of them stuck with us for all the seven training modules. The first of this month (February), we finished the 7th module. Then we … Read more

  • ETSI Training leadership in Goffa Ethiopia.Dec 2017

    The Ups and Downs of Training in Ethiopia

    December 28, 2017 | Living Gospel Ethiopia

    Training Update from Alex Over the past year, 880 people have participated in the 27 leadership development and church planting trainings I held in Ethiopia and a few outside my country. Participants all represent some aspect of church leadership or church planting. By God’s grace, as a result of the trainings, 212 new churches were … Read more

  • Trained to Train Others

    November 1, 2017 | Living Gospel Ethiopia

    I am Tesfa* and I work as the women’s program coordinator for a church in Ethiopia. I am also a Master Trainer for the Bridges for Women program. I was trained under people from SIU and also our brother Alex for the last seven years. Like a nomad, I travel around to churches in various … Read more