• TDCC Cotton Fields.Jan 2016

    Farm Project

    July 29, 2016 | Kawkikete Community Outreach

    Of our 148 acres of land, 74 acres have been cultivated. The project received funds from Partners International and our own government. We harvested 157 bags of pearl millet, compared to 39 last year; 278 bags of sorghum, 67 bags of maize, seven bags of sesame, and 71 bags of peanuts. The cotton production is … Read more

  • TDCC SIU bridges one training in Bitkine 2013 3

    Kawkikete Community Outreach

    June 29, 2016 | Kawkikete Community Outreach

    We are so grateful for your partnership with us at Kawkikete Community Outreach in Chad. We have really needed your prayer support too. We keep having threats from the Boko Haram Islamic sect with killings in our country and countries around us. Refugees are still coming into Chad. In 2015, our ministry experienced successive losses … Read more

  • Assistance to Refugees from C.A.R.

    November 9, 2015 | Kawkikete Community Outreach

      Contribution from Partners International and local funds allowed us to assist five camps of refugees from Central Africa Republic. We’ve been able to assist about 500 refugee children from C.A.R. by covering their school registration fees and also providing them with school items. Church planters continue visiting the refugee camps to lead programs and … Read more

  • Oral Bible Ministry and Literacy Classes

    October 20, 2015 | Kawkikete Community Outreach

    Training for Non-Literate Ministry A training event on Bridges for Neighbors equipped 97 participants in how to share the Gospel among non-literate people. The participants, who had been recommended by their churches, appreciated discovering a new approach (oral storytelling) to reach their neighbors (Muslims) with the Gospel. Our goal is to plant 50 house churches. … Read more

  • Secondary School

    October 2, 2015 | Kawkikete Community Outreach

      One of our Christian schools serves rural children who cannot move to town when they complete elementary school. Children have access to a good education, including the arts and science. They have a principal who is a certified professor, plus 12 teachers. The number of pupils is currently 372, of which 59 are girls. Currently … Read more

  • Training Church Leaders

    September 18, 2015 | Kawkikete Community Outreach

      We held one training event during the youth meeting in one city with 2,357 youth from all over the country. The topic was transformational leadership. We are trusting God for the funds to hold two other training events to benefit the churches and also the youth. Thank you for your concern, prayer, and financial … Read more

  • Kawkikete Community Outreach Update Spring 2015.pdf Adobe Reader

    Micro-Finance for Women

    August 17, 2015 | Kawkikete Community Outreach

    Over 300 women benefit from this program. For now, only Christian women benefit from the project, but we plan to include Muslim women and pursue our long-term goal to have 1,000 beneficiaries in 50 villages. During the meetings, they tell Bible stories in local languages and compose and learn new songs. They are also very … Read more

  • Kawkikete Community Outreach Update Spring 2015.pdf Adobe Reader1

    Koudoti Farm

    July 28, 2015 | Kawkikete Community Outreach

      We started a farm on our acreage to promote self-help and community development. The farm provides a framework to train local farmers in new production techniques and instill awareness of the need to manage natural resources in a reproducible manner. A change in local behavior is the first and most important result of the … Read more

  • Ministry Update

    July 8, 2015 | Kawkikete Community Outreach

      I’m so glad to be able to share with you what God is doing through Kawkikete Community Outreach. We are the non-governmental organization of an association of more than 120 evangelical churches in Chad. We were saddened to lose our dear ministry leader who died in a car accident last December. In addition, our … Read more