• JVI March & April 2019

    Chanda’s zeal to read the Bible made her literate

    May 10, 2019 | Joshua Vision India

    Chanda* is from the southern state of India and is from a Dalit (low income) background. She was illiterate when she came to know the Lord. After accepting the Lord Jesus, she began attending a night-school so she could learn how to read the Bible. Upon seeing Chanda’s passion for learning the Bible, her pastor encouraged … Read more

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    Saving Money and Saved by the Lord

    February 25, 2019 | Joshua Vision India

    Joshua Vision India’s (JVI) vision is to equip churches and mission agencies to reach the 4,000 Unreached People Groups of India and to develop the poor. In JVI’s training for women called Indian Women in Lord’s Labor (IWILL), two programs are conducted. One is the two-year Master Trainers’ Orientation that equips graduate-level women missionaries to … Read more

  • JVI

    Master Trainer Instills Skills in Church Youth

    January 11, 2019 | Joshua Vision India

     Nivaan* is from one of India’s northeastern states. She is well educated and holds a BA in English Literature. In 2016 she attended JVI’s Master Trainer program under IWILL (Indian Women in Lord’s Labor). Nivaan says that the training taught her many practical, helpful things such as computer skills. She also learned ways to help … Read more

  • INVI July August Update 2018 A Master Trainer Living out His Calling

    A Master Trainer Living out His Calling

    August 17, 2018 | Joshua Vision India

    Our ministry has been continuing with our Master Trainer program, which is meant to equip graduate level missionaries to reach the unreached people groups in India, and to train them in income generation technologies. A few years ago, Pratap*, who is the son of a pastor, went through this program, and his ministry has seen great … Read more

  • INVI May 2018 Update Age is No Barrier in Sharing the Gospel copy

    Age is No Barrier in Sharing the Gospel

    May 19, 2018 | Joshua Vision India

    The goal of our Master Trainers Orientation program is to equip graduate level missionaries to reach unreached people groups and to train them in income generation technologies. Last month, nine men were commissioned after going through nine months of this training. They are from seven different states of India. These are the subjects that were … Read more

  • April 2018 JVI

    Faith to Reach His Own People

    April 22, 2018 | Joshua Vision India

    C* recently went through a training with JVI to become a Master Trainer. He himself is a first generation believer from a particular community in the north. When he accepted Christ, his parents were very disappointed and very not very pleased with his decision to abandon his previous faith. As the days went by, he … Read more

  • Ministry Trainer Orientation

    March 18, 2018 | Joshua Vision India

    In this picture L* (seen in the center) and her classmates are learning how to make candles. She studied English in school and recently graduated. She was very interested in joining our Ministry Trainer orientation. She shared, “I was impressed by the ministry one of the former Ministry Trainers of JVI, because she was very … Read more

  • INVI February 2017 Update Master Trainers Reaching the Unreached

    Master Trainers Reaching the Unreached

    February 25, 2018 | Joshua Vision India

    Our ministry has been training undergraduate level women as Master Trainers for quite some time. The Master Trainers are trained to be missionaries to unreached people groups and to use new technologies for income generation. Last year, ten women from all over the country were trained as Master Trainers for six months. They did six … Read more

  • Commitment to a Vision from God

    February 7, 2018 | Joshua Vision India

    God gave a vision to Prof. V* to train up grassroots workers in South Asia, and he, along with his wife, have been faithfully carrying out this vision. This region has about 4,635 people groups, and only about 650 of these groups have been reached with the Gospel. That is not even 15%. Our work … Read more

  • Education Leads to Interest in Jesus

    December 7, 2017 | Joshua Vision India

    S* was born in West India in a Christian family. The family moved to a different part of the country because the work opportunities were better there. She has an elder sister who recently god married. S* wanted to get involved in our ministry, and her pastor sent her to be trained as Master Trainer. … Read more