Art Center Festival

ICGN Jan and Fab updateWe hosted a Christian Cultural Arts Festival in a local Art Center. There was an Islamic leader, an ustad, who attended and competed in the Festival with his family. I asked him to share his thoughts about our event.

He said:

“I can see that the Arts Center spent a lot of money organizing this festival. But what was the purpose? No one from the Muslim community is celebrating Sundanese culture. They all want to act and look more Arab. If they sponsor any kind of event, it’s a hot mess because of all the fighting for leadership. But what I see about the Christian community sponsoring this event is they are loving in two dimensions. They fear the Lord and guard the vertical dimension, as well as they also care about their horizontal relationships with their neighbors.

What I mean is, everyone can tell from this event that we should love God and love our neighbors. We can tell because you chose to play Christian songs and quote the Bible. The Arts Center and the organizing committee have exemplified this in how you have served us this weekend. You blessed us with food and paid attention to both winners and losers. This is a good example for us. Are there more ministry like this?”

Prayer Requests for the ministry

  • Please pray the Cultural Arts Festival will have a deep and lasting impact on those attending and that they will meditate on God’s love for them. May the testimonies of the believers have a positive impact on the thoughts and attitudes of Muslims about Christianity around us. May their hearts open wider to the Lord.
  • Pray for the next publication of our two Christian magazines Gentra and Langlang Mitra, that the distribution would go smoothly.
  • Pray for the magazine readers that they will be blessed. Right now, many Catholics are requesting our magazines in a region that normally wouldn’t agree with them.

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