Are you tired of Africa?

Women affected by Famine in Africa


We all grew up hearing our moms tell us to eat our food because children are starving in Africa.
We have all seen the latest political tension erupt into war in Africa. The latest natural disaster. The latest disease.
There seems to always be a need there. It is always dire.
We have been raising money for parts of Africa for decades. Lately, it’s been a tough place to fund. It seems as though places like the Middle East or Central Asia draw more interest, though funding is a challenge with every area.
We are grateful that those other regions are seeing ministry advance and people come to hear the name of Christ. Meanwhile, Africa is the area we struggle the most to provide the resources for.
So we couldn’t help but wonder: As a society, are we tired of Africa?
It’s hard to give to everything. We can’t fulfill every need. We as individuals can only listen to the Lord’s guidance and give what we can.
When giving seems to never quench the needs in one area, it can feel fruitless.
As long as the Lord chooses to wait to return, there will probably always be needs in Africa. But today, we pray for a renewed passion for this place. These people, in their deep suffering, are on God’s heart. So we pray they are on yours too. While at a bird’s eye view, problems seem insurmountable, on a person-to-person level, our partners do see lives changed, hope where there seemed to be none, all because someone cared enough to give.
This week, we are raising funds to feed people threatened by famine in the Horn of Africa. This is the eastern portion of the continent, where Islam is the rooted majority. For decades, it too has been the backdrop for war, natural disaster and disease.
Right now, all of the above are occurring.
Political tensions and drought have created a perfect storm that have left many homeless, hungry and feeling hopeless. In fact, the United Nation calls this the worst famine since World War II. It’s not going away any time soon.
Instead of a one-time rally for food, which will only help until the money runs out, we are asking our donors for a commitment. It costs $25 to feed one person for a month, or $100 for a family of five. Will you consider giving monthly to feed one person or a family every month?
Our goal is to feed 500 people per month for at least a year and have enough people commit to help us do this by September 7. We know this is a big ask. We believe you and the rest of our donors are the kind of people who are up for it – the ones who give sacrificially and our committed to the cause of bring the Gospel to the ends of the earth.
Thank you for that heart and passion. We can’t do this without you.
To provide food for the hungry in the Horn of Africa, click here.

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