Applying what we learned from training

CHTM June 2017 Update men cleaning the garbage truck


We had taken a disciple making training four times, but didn’t really grasp it or seriously apply it to our ministry. It takes time to digest. It also takes courage to take the first step.


Here is a small city mixed with Tibetans, Han and Hui (Muslim) people groups. Previously, the village head was criticized by his superior because of the existence of my church. The village head felt ashamed and angry. So he was very against our church.


After a recent DNA training, another leader and I decided to do something for the community to live out the love of God. This is what we have learned from the training. This village has four garbage trucks. The rubbish overflows on the ground nearby. No one cleans it regularly. We organized some willing believers to clean the garbage. Then we used dust to cover the garbage truck area to make it looks better. When the village head heard about it, he was touched by this action. He sent his wife to take photos of what we were doing. Unexpectedly, the village head changed his attitude towards our church. He is not against church any more, but said, “You can have your church meetings. It’s OK.”


This service was not for performance. We have been doing it for a year now. Please pray that we can serve the need of our community to show God’s love for people.


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CHTM June 2017 Update garbage truck was cleaned

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