Answered Prayers

This month, our team visited the home of Adira. She and her eight children often struggle to have enough to eat. One of her sons recently underwent an operation, and they still need to find the money to pay his medical expenses, let alone money for bread.

Food Package

When the family heard that they were going to receive a food parcel, they were overjoyed. Our team was greeted outside the house by an excited little girl who eagerly helped carry the bags of food inside. The family went to bed that night with full stomachs. They experienced some of the goodness of God and we are praying that they will see more and know Him more. There are countless people like Adira in this town. May God help us reach many more.

Time and time again, we are blessed to see God answer prayers. Brother Madier, to whom we have been ministering, struggled for many years after he decided to follow Christ. Our team prayed with him and for him to find a job. Two days later, our prayers were answered when he got a job in a supermarket!

We are discipling Brother Habar, a relatively new believer, who has been witnessing to his non-Christian mother-in-law. Praise God that he prayed with her, and she received salvation. Habar has been going to church and enjoying the fellowship there. We are also grateful that a new seeker came to us this month with a real thirst to know more about Christ. We gave him a Bible. Let’s pray for him as he begins his journey of faith.

Please pray that the infection rate of COVID-19 will come under control as lockdown ends. We pray for God’s healing for the sick and His provision for those out of work.

Pray for our ministry director and his family and our whole team as we faithfully serve Him through these difficult times.

Name changed for security.

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