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NEEW-Habanaye Project3.Feb 2016

The Northern Maradi project continues to grow in the sense that some other organizations adopt it to serve the needy people. Even though we have our own challenges as to sustaining the Habbanaye system, beneficiaries of the project judge it helpful.

Mantau, a rural pastor said: “My wife benefitted from the Habbanaye project. She received 2 female goats. The first year, both of them gave birth to 3 goats (1 male and 2 females). The second year, the 4 females gave birth. One of them gave birth to 2 at the same time. Last year, when the food situation was tough, we sold 3 males to buy cereals.”

“Truly, the project helped us to continue the work of the Lord in a place where the church us very poor. It helps us avoid the deadly circle of debts. Now we even happen to help other people. We thank the Lord and also those who helped make it happen.”

The Nakikarfi project is an example of success. From 12 women in the beginning, we are now at 300 beneficiaries.

The past 6 months we distributed 210 goats.

One challenge women are facing is that not all of them have their husbands support. Some of the latter happen to use the goats without considering the development plan of their wives and of the project. The challenge is also ours as project initiators.


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