An Oasis in Troubled Times

COVID-19 continues to spread fear and steal people’s hope in the Holy Land. We are blessed that the Lord has enabled us to reach those most in need with His love. I hope you are encouraged reading about it.

We are so grateful for the prayers and support we have received. The need is still great but God is greater and I ask you to pray about how you can be a part of bringing hope back to the Holy Land.

Warm Meals and the Word

Business has been very poor at our Connect Cafe over the past couple of months and we find ourselves in lockdown once again. However, we are still committed to connecting with our community and showing them God’s love.

We opened our doors to needy families and blessed them with food parcels. The following week, we invited those in need to come and pick up some freshly prepared, hot meals for their families, children’s Bibles and Gospel books for adults. Most of the families are unchurched. Each family left with a piece of the Gospel for their home and the knowledge that God cares for them.

One little boy had previously received a 101 Children’s Bible Stories book from us. He eagerly read the whole thing and was excited to start the new Bible series we gave him. We pray that all the people who received had their hope restored. Our doors will always be open to them as an oasis where they can discover Christ in troubled times.

COVID-19 Relief Outreach

ME ISSG July2020 update1

We are now in the midst of a second wave of COVID-19. Many people are still hungry and in need and see no end to their suffering. Many big employers, such as tourism, will take even longer to recover.

Our team is still out in the field, being the hands and feet of Jesus and bringing essential aid and hope to those in need. They are also distributing Christian literature with a Gospel message. We still need your help to bring the hope of the Gospel and the promise of new life into the homes and hearts of those in need. Please pray for this outreach and how you can be involved.

Nigel’s* Transformed Heart

Our discipleship team has been discipling Nigel. Nigel first began to seek Christ after reading his cellmate’s Bible in prison.

Nigel lost his job due to lock down and he has had to go and work in fields under the hot sun where snakes are a danger. He is struggling to feed his family. He collects rent from a house in his family’s village but the tenant also found himself in financial trouble and hasn’t been able to pay. Nigel decided to forgive the man the rent despite needing the money. He empathized with the man and shared a Bible story with him. It is clear that God has changed his heart through the discipleship process. His heart is now kind and he loves to help others before helping himself. We pray that his faith will continue to grow and impact others.

*Name changed for security reasons.

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