An Example for Our Ministry to Follow

An Example for Our Ministry to FollowVijayakumar just recently finished his M.Tech in Remote Sensing, allowing him to pursue a career working with satellites and global navigation systems. This is his story and testimony:

He grew up with one sister and two brothers. During his childhood, his family went through a difficult financial crisis. They lived just a half-kilometer away from Arch Bishop Moses’s home, the leader of BFM, and went to the same church. Because of Arch Bishop Moses’s influence, Vijayakumar grew up in a good Christian family.  His father worked hard, and eventually their family became financially stable.

The Arch Bishop took a special interest in Vijayakumar and one of his brothers, and made sure that they received a good education and developed spiritually. They performed well in school because of this extra help. The Arch Bishop became like another guardian to them.

By the grace of the great Lord, Vijayakumar’s brother became a doctor in Gastroenterology. His wife is a doctor, and works for the government of the state of Kerala.  They now have three children: two engineers and one doctor.

Vijayakumar married an engineer and was appointed to the cabinet secretariat in New Delhi. Now, he is the deputy secretary to the cabinet in the government of India. He is one of fifteen members in the government who are officially appointed to deal with any government military equipment for India. He often travels to US, Canada, and Israel.

He has two children: One has finished his degree in medicine, and the other is studying engineering. Their whole family loves the Lord and are committed Christians. During the holidays they participate in outreach evangelism in their city, and he often helps one of the pastors in the ministry of BFM. He is a very kind hearted man. He helps the poor people, especially in their education.

Just last week he purchased an apartment in the capital of Kerala, and the Arch Bishop and the Bishop of BFM dedicated it. This family is a remarkable example for our ministry to follow. Our Arch Bishop’s vision and burden is to develop the believers of Bible Faith Mission for a holistic transformation, just like Vijayakumar.

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    Am encouraged by his ministry glory to god


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