An Easter Miracle

Praise the Lord for helping us reach the K people group. We witness how the Kingdom of God is spreading. We praise His faithfulness, for He is mighty to save and He does what He promised.

Today we want to share a great story of an Easter miracle.

On Celebration Sunday Fatima* came to the service. She heard the Gospel and it touched her heart. Next week she came back and she was willing to repent and invite Jesus.

Why she was so keen to do that? Because of a miracle that happened for her and her husband.

Fatima and her husband have a two-year-old son. Her husband is a migrant laborer, meaning he has to go elsewhere to find work. This is very common for our region with a high level of unemployment and low wages.

Being a wife of a migrant laborer is hard in itself. Being separated from your spouse and having to take care of a child (or children) on your own is a life full of stress and fears. But Fatima and her husband faced a much bigger problem.

Her husband got into a car accident. He hit the car of a very rich Azeri woman. The accident was his fault so he had to pay her just over $2,000 US to cover the damage. This is a huge amount for this family. Nevertheless, they paid half, leaving $1,000 more to pay. This was a huge burden for them.

So Fatima heard the Gospel. As she was listening, she started to hear powerful things, words that touched her heart. She learned that God forgives sins and he can hear the prayers of all who call His name.

That night she went back home and started to pray with all her heart. She prayed throughout the night asking God to help them with the debt. She kept repeating: “Jesus, if are truly God, please, please help us!” Sometimes she would stop and ask herself if it was ok to pray to a “Russian God.” However, deep inside she felt it was right and she kept praying.

The next morning that Azeri woman came to their home. They were afraid she was going to demand the rest of the money. But to their surprise, the Azeri woman said that she forgives them and they do not need to pay the rest of the money! What an amazing miracle and answer to prayer!

Fatima saw God in action. She was praying and God heard her prayers. Not only did He hear, but he answered quickly!

So Fatima came to see our team. She shared her joy with us and expressed her willingness to Invite Jesus into her heart.

Please, continue to pray for Fatima’s family, because her husband has been diagnosed with diabetes and needs treatment. Currently he is in the hospital. Now we are asking God for more miracles for this family!

*Name changed for security reasons.

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