Ambassadors for Christ

Absko* and his family joined the team, working among a semi-nomadic people group. They entered after undergoing successfully cross-cultural missions training at the Center for Mission Training and completing their internship.

God has been faithful to us even in the midst of challenges, like most recently having sick children. Our walk with Jesus Christ, our Lord, has been one of immense joy and happiness. His unfailing love has always seen us through very challenging times. Knowing that we’re ambassadors for Christ, we seek to live in a Christ-like manner to draw many to Him. We do this by continually praying so that we get our strength from Him and not our human efforts.

Many of our activities on the field are centered around building trust and strengthen relationships with the locals. This has been successful, as we now have Muslim friends who visit us and freely engage us on discussions on a wide range of issues. Our main point of contact with them is through Education. We get an opportunity to share the Word daily during lessons with the older students who are often curious about our faith.

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There have been cases of students who were attacked by evil spirits, and their parents didn’t know what to do. One example is of a girl whose parents approached us for help. The girl’s mother brought her to stay with us. While she was with us, some of our teachers began to pray and fast for her. After one week of intense prayers, our faithful God delivered her. She used to get attacked four times a day. After she was relieved, she was able to sit through her exams without any further incidents.

The girl asked for time to share with her mother before deciding to follow Christ. Her friends have mocked her because she is a Christian, the hardness of their hearts traumatized her. People that can only fill the void in their hearts by true faith in Jesus Christ.

A teacher visited us one evening and shared with us his personal struggles, and he told our team that he wanted to learn more about Christ before he makes any decision.

More than ten adults have told us they have a clearer understanding of what we believe from our discussions. Most of our upper primary school students choose to join us for Friday prayers.

Most of those we have shared with had a very skewed idea of the Gospel. Especially among those who only know what they are told about Christianity by their religious teachers in Madrasas. All this is changing as they listen to us. They are expounding on biblical truths.

Praise God.

*Name changed for security.

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