I always carry a change of clothing . . .

Testimony of a church planter with the Nehemiah Team in West Java

I praise God for his faithful love to me. What specifically am I praising Him for? Because when I was praying and looking for direction as to where I should focus on sharing the Gospel, He led me to a village they call “cow village” or “Texas.” I felt so strongly about this that I was in no doubt that God was leading me.

You see, for almost ten years I have served in this particular area so that I feel I know even the remote spots and there is no part that is foreign to me. And it is true that God was leading, for when I first went to the village, as I was getting near, God led me to a man who was a scavenger, collecting things to recycle.

I asked him if I was heading in the direction of Texas and he assured me that I was. It was getting really hot and nearby there was a quiet spot in a field shaded by trees. “Is it okay for me to rest here for a while?” I asked.

“Sure,” he answered warmly.

We chatted and got to know each other a little in a very nice atmosphere, and our conversation was really positive. The man’s name was Arief* and he was 50 years old. While we were talking, I directed the conversation to spiritual matters. We both shared and Arief seemed really engaged and positive, especially when we talked about sin and how it can be dealt with. I began to share my experience of Jesus, Who was willing to be sacrificed so that my sin could be forgiven.

After I had shared my story, I challenged Arief to receive Jesus as his Lord and Savior. Praise God, he responded positively and put his faith in Jesus. I guided him to confess Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior.

My heart was full of the joy of the Lord as I obeyed His call on my life. I felt that the Holy Spirit wanted me to continue sharing with Arief, so I told him the story of the Ethiopian eunuch from Acts 8, especially focusing on baptism. Then I encouraged him to think more deeply about the story through sharing six discussion questions, and challenging him to show his faith in Jesus by being baptized.

Arief was again positive, saying that he understood what I shared, and he agreed that he wanted to be baptized. I asked him, “Is there a river or stream nearby where we can do that?”

He said, “There’s a stream not far from here.”

We went there and I baptized Arief. I always carry a change of clothes, so that if I meet someone who wants to be baptized they can be baptized immediately. Arief looked full of joy and I also was rejoicing because he had repented and received salvation.

Before we said goodbye, Arief gave me his address and I promised to visit him three days later to follow up and begin mentoring him. Pray that Arief will grow in his walk with Jesus.

 *Name changed for security reasons.

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