Purpose Haven: The Smile of Hope

As you have heard, thousands of families have fled the ISIS advance in Iraq, they have crushed and mistreated us, stealing all life, not only our goods but also any normalcy.

This real story of a mother and her child captured my heart. The mother of five was also a widow, her husband passed away ten years ago. She heard from her neighbors that ISIS is attacking their town, so she left her home driving to a safe place alongside her five children. They left everything behind; they did not take anything with them except their passports. As they were escaping from the attack, the mother made sure that her boys lowered their faces so they could not see ISIS soldiers attempting to shoot them. Since then, her youngest child started having nightmares, wetting his bed, and staying silent for very long periods.

After receiving some exercises to practice when the kid has nightmares and took their information to join the family our art therapy program and PTSD program, we saw a huge smile on his face and his mother was very relieved as well.




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