Advancing in Proclamation

  • The translation of the Old Testament of the Bible into the Kabyle language is moving slowly because each book requires several revisions before the final check. By the grace of our Lord, we think we will be able to complete all the Old Testament by the end of 2019. Following this, we could publish the complete Bible in the Kabyle language.


  • A draft was made of the New Testament translated into the Tassehlit language, which is another Berber dialect. This must be revised entirely, however, due to several differences in between the languages.


In the first 5 months of 2017:


  • 887 DVD’s and CD’s containing biblical films and audio versions of biblical texts have been distributed. These have blessed many people who are unable to read.


  • 35 TV programs have been produced and are being broadcast via satellite. As a result, 920 people have contacted our team, and of these, 14 have chosen to follow the Lord. Following this, they were each directed to a church in their respective villages.


  • Our teams have taken several trips to different regions of Algeria in order to visit those who have listened to our materials. After listening, they requested that we visit in person. We are very encouraged to see how God is working through these visits.


  • We have also made arrangements to use an available room in the church as a studio for filming TV programs and audio recordings. We believe that this will give us many more opportunities to produce, and distribute via satellite broadcasting, several diverse productions that will be a blessing to many churches and individuals.


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