Agricultural Projects in Process

SSAI-Goat project for Ajugo Martin in Moli.Feb 2015


The Goat Project

One of the pastors started this project in July with five goats. The goats are growing well. Out of the four females, two are pregnant, and we expect them to give birth in the next month or two.


Women Agriculture Process

Last year, we set up committees to implement the agriculture project in Obbo Magwi county, where AIC owns a plot of land. The committee is preparing to start the completion of logging of the three hectors and begin to till the land. They plan to plant maize, cassava, beans and potatoes. This will depend on the rainy season in late September.


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  1. Jim

    I pray that every plan for development of the land and for the practical use of the goats will bill bear fruit in God’s perfect timing and will someday result in the feeding of thousands.


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