Agents of Transformation through Artisan Training

It has been our vision to empower women so that they can become agents of transformation in their neighborhoods. To accomplish this, Transformation Groups (TG’s) are facilitated by our ministry, and we train these women in the habit of saving, developing leadership with right values, and training them with diverse skills in order to earn income for their families. Over the years, more than five hundred women have been trained in tailoring, candle making, cleaning products preparation, baking, and many other skills.

During the past year, a platform called WISHALL Wonder Works (WWW) has been created to put their skills to profitable use, and also to ensure regular income for the women who are involved.

A mother of two children who is involved in WWW proudly says “It gives us confidence to see that the products that we stitch are being purchased.” Eleven women belonging to families with various challenges are coming together on a daily basis to the two groups that are working to stitch various products like bags, hand towels, and aprons. The time that they spend together gives them a chance to meet, interact and care for each other, as well as using their time and skills profitably. As a result, these women have found worth and respect in their homes and communities, which brings respite to them as they deal with many social, economic, and psychological evils in their everyday lives.

WWW is also emerging as a platform to connect the other side of society with these vulnerable societies. So far it has conducted three sales at different places. In one of those sales, a senior scientist at the National Centre of Sustainable Coastal Management and his family were challenged with our efforts and have taken a personal interest to be the advocates of WWW. They invited WWW to have a sale in one of the top engineering universities in Chennai. The Assistant Director of the department was excited to buy the products and remarked, “I am greatly impressed to see the quality of the products and your dedication to serve the people”.

It’s the vision of WISHALL Wonder Works to equip these underprivileged women to face life challenges through their skills and values. By the end of the year, we plan to equip a minimum of twenty five women and young girls in tailoring, bead ornaments, and candle making, and thus empower them to be agents of transformation.


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