Adult Literacy Center

The Adult Literacy centers launched fall of 2017 for a district of four villages to help the illiterate adults learn to read and write. This fall we had Fifty-three students complete one full year of our literacy program.

 adult literacy center2Roshan Life has changed history by making these centers, their success has impacted these villages where education has been the last priority for decades. It wasn’t an easy program, but the Roshan life team helped fifty-three people who have never been to school before in their lives, learn and pass the requirements of the program and they give all the credit to God. Many of these Adult Literacy students now understand the importance of education and want to help their kids to attend schools. They want to give their children the chance to make a difference in their society. These communities used to resist sending small children to school.

A Woman from the adult literacy program gives thanks:

“I am very happy to be graduated and this certificate is my reward. When I will die, the generations below me will remember that I was educated because I graduated from the Adult Literacy Program. I am an old lady, sixty-three-years-old, but I will continue to learn because I have realized the importance of education. I have learned about health and hygiene as well as how to read and write. I am thankful for my teacher for teaching me so well.” adult literacy center

We hope that there will be six new centers established depending on the availability of the funds in 2019 to educate the illiterate segment of the society to bring reforms spiritually, mentally and ethically.

We are grateful for the ones who have provided enough funds to establish and start these Adult Literacy Centers and we will never stop to play a vital role to a make a difference in the most unreached communities.

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