Acts of Love for Community Transformation

Palthuraila is a rural village situated in an Eastern province of Sri Lanka. 950 families are living in this area, and the majority are Hindus and Muslims, and few Sinhala families also living among this community. Only 50 Christian families are living in this area of the 950. Fishing and Cultivation are the main livelihoods of these impoverished rural communities, which has more ethnic and religious diversity. We had a privilege to conduct a program known as TCT, which was well accepted, and two ladies also participated in this community. The objective of TCT training is to mobilize congregations to conduct acts of love for the needy people in their area.

Two ladies caught the vision of the TCT Training program and have been using it to mobilize their congregation with the support of their Pastor. They analyzed the needs of the community, and especially the interest of the youth; they built a volleyball court for the youth to spend time practicing at. – Most young people usually spend their time with friends smoking and drinking alcohol.

It’s a miracle that the local government authorities have allowed us to use the land for this purpose. The youth of this community appreciates the church providing them with the space to play and are thankfully and cheerfully using the Volleyball court, and that has been a healthy distraction from their addiction.

The Pastor of this church and the leaders of the church said, “TCT is an excellent program, and it made us realize the need of this community and taught us how to respond. This particular Act of love made us have a good relationship with the community, especially among the other faith youths around that area. May this program transform the lives of the younger generation that they will become agents of change.”


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