School provides opportunities to share Gospel


Academy Senior School is predominantly Muslim. The school has close to 80 students. Only seven are Christians. We have 20 teachers, two of whom are Muslims and who teach Arabic and Islamic religious education. Four are MKM missionary teachers and the rest are teachers on employment terms. Some are believers and others are not.

Together with the other teachers who are believers, we run a weekly Bible study in the school and a weekly Christian Union Fellowship with the few Christian students.

Our duties provide us with opportunities to interact and influence students academically and socially. We answer their questions about faith and also share with them God’s love. We have gotten chances to interact with the families of our students through career days, when handling disciplinary cases and visits to their homes when they are sick or during loss of their loved ones.

There are students who have shown interest in Christ, and we take time to explain through one on one open discussion that includes reading of the Bible where necessary. We have had chances to pray for the sick and disturbed students. Students often ask questions during the month of Ramadan. We spend this holiday of  praying along with other Christians for Muslims.

Challenges so far:

  • Fear of rejection among interested students.
  • Non believing teachers who do not understand and live out the Christian faith hence confusing students who believes that all non-Muslims are Christians.
  • External Al Shabaab attacks and threats of attacks.
  • Harsh weather conditions especially during the day during the first months of the year.
  • Poor ministry facility where staff live; in need of renovation.
  • Lack of enough teaching and ministry aid materials.


We hope with God’s help and leading to continue in His service among the unreached. So far, no student has openly received the Good News, but it’s evident they are open to it and from our sharing with them, we know that God is at work in their lives and hearts.

Continue praying with us for;

  • God’s grace to abound with us as we serve Him here.
  • Patience and love for the unreached.
  • God to lead us and to grant us wisdom to share the Good News with the unreached.
  • God to bring to us prepared and sincerely searching hearts.
  • Security and peace in the region.
  • Pray for the disciples God is raising among them.


Learn more about this ministry here.

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