• Bennie Ingraham

      A Muslim Woman’s Salvation – Bennie Ingraham

      December 28, 2018 | Partners International

      Many women in the most oppressive parts of the world who can do so much more if someone will invest in them. Just imagine what this woman who wants to start a church in her refugee camp could do with training! The woman Bennie met is just one example of why we created the Global … Read more

    • naomi story featured

      Naomi – From Radical Islam to Passionate Christian

      December 19, 2018 | Partners International

      Radical Islam Naomi is a young woman living in North Africa. After hearing great things about joining a radical Islamic group, Naomi decided to attend. However, once she became involved, being a member caused her to feel like her life had no meaning. She felt so brainwashed that she would have even killed someone if … Read more

    • Empowering Women Natalene

      Natalene shares her heartbreaking story

      December 12, 2018 | Partners International

      Full Story Natalene lived in South Sudan with her five children. They were making ends meet through their small farm. When a civil war broke out, hostile political groups began to comb through the land causing chaos. They would take families from their houses and murder them in the streets.¬†Quickly, Natalene gathered what little food … Read more

    • Thankful for you this Thanksgiving

      Thankful for you

      November 21, 2018 | Larry D. Andrews, President & CEO

      Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God. Whenever I pray, I make my requests for all of you with joy, for you have been my partners in spreading the Good News about Christ from the time you first heard it until now. Philippians 1:3-5   Dear Friends of Partners International, … Read more

    • Kato Family Thumbnail

      Pastor Kato Still Behind Bars

      October 17, 2018 | AIC South Sudan

      Full Story Please continue to pray for Pastor Kato, who is part of the leadership team of our ministry partner, the African Inland Church (AIC) of South Sudan, and lead pastor of an AIC church. Police arrested him and other pastors in August, falsely accusing them of instigating a mob that stoned a woman to … Read more

    • Hope for the sick through donated medicine

      September 20, 2018 | Parfait Diompy, ACC for West Africa

      Medicine brings relief to a young girl with a skin condition Inter-Senegal Mission, our Ministry Partner in Senegal, works with Barthimee Hospital to supply surrounding villagers with the best medicine available. At the same time, the staff shares with them the love of Jesus. Our generous donors have helped provide for the shipping of millions … Read more

    • Kerala flooding 4 2

      Urgent Need: Kerala and Karnataka Floods

      August 30, 2018 | Partners International

      Kerala Floods This year, the state of Kerala has received an unprecedented 12 feet of rainfall. The resulting floods have wreaked havoc on many communities and have washed away the entire state, leaving only debris behind. The houses have fallen flat, and major roadways have been blocked off by landslides. Several million people have been … Read more

    • Little Boy Central Asia Match

      Central Asia Gift Matching Opportunity

      August 10, 2018 | Partners International

      Exciting Opportunity! We are excited to let you know of an opportunity to support Kingdom work in the Central Asia Area and to have your gift amount doubled. We have a generous donor who has promised to match dollar for dollar the amount we raise for our Ministry Partner, Roshan Life, up to $7,000. This … Read more

    • Young Girl at Camp Adonai

      Life Changing Youth Camps

      July 10, 2018 | Partners International

      Camp Adonai’s Heart for Youth Eighteen years ago in the heart of Central Asia, a group of pastors yearned to see the Body of Christ growing and multiplying. They came together to form Camp Adonai in an effort to bring Jesus into the homes and hearts of children and youth including orphans, vulnerable, poor and … Read more

    • bruce on a bike 1

      Bruce on a Bike!

      July 5, 2018 | Partners International

      One of our volunteers, Bruce Reinhart, who was on staff with us for five years, is currently on a ‘trip of a lifetime,’ riding across the United States on a bicycle with his son. The trip serves as a great chance both to spend time together and see a lot of incredible places from a … Read more