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All praises and glory given to God for He has chosen us for this ministry. We are in an area that is highly persecuted, but the ministry is rewarding and worth the risk. We aim to minister and witness to those with an Islamic background and origin and to give them the opportunity to receive salvation from God. It is our vision to see the country of Malaysia once again to turn towards Jesus and to worship Him freely. It is our mission to reach as many Malays as possible and share the Good News with them.


The Year 2018 has started very slow for us. We struggled with fear, since one of our Pastor friends disappeared, as well as fearful from the lack of support – many have decided not to work or support us in any way. But the Lord was on our side, and we had the pleasure of seeing many new souls coming into the Kingdom. We have regular house fellowship and Bible studies, as well as prayer meetings where we specifically pray for each other needs.

The first half of 2018 was very challenging, and everyone looked forward to the election being held in the middle of the year. We know that the Lord has blessed Malaysia with the outcome as the previous Government, in power for 61 years, has lost the election and a new Government will now be ruling the country. The present Prime minister promised to end corruption and follow the Rule of The Law, which also sees freedom in worship and to choose any belief one likes to follow. The hardliners in the country are not happy about it and are out in full force to make sure that Muslim people in Malaysia know the consequences if they leave Islam.


We aim to extend the Kingdom of God within Malaysia. There are currently three young people with us, and soon they will venture out to open their own house churches in the name of Jesus. We are praying for Gods Wisdom, timing and provision to make this to come to pass. They are regularly involved with Students from University Malaya and have excellent connections to many seekers in their age group.

Unfortunately, I am not able to include pictures of all the happenings here as we have to be aware of the situation here in Malaysia and help to protect our disciples. Our aim for the coming month and years is to increase the number of disciples and places of fellowship.

We wish we could express our thankfulness with words to all of you who have shared and supported our Ministry. Not only financial support but prayer support as well. Because of you, we can continue the work for the Lord without the daily struggle and worries, but we trusted the Lord from the beginning onwards, and we know that He will send the right people at the right time. Even the numbers of Malay believer background will be strong enough, and one day they will challenge the Government for acceptance and liberty, praise the Lord.

The financial support given to us has helped many people and has shown many of us that we do not stand alone in our struggle to serve the Lord. May God bless you for everything, and I pray that one day we will have the opportunity to meet with some of you to express our gratitude directly to you. Blessings shall pour out upon you, Amen.


*This is our first update from Malay World Outreach in over two years and we are thankful to learn about how 2018 went for them as well as their plans for 2019.

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