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CHTM July 2017 Update a visiitng diary buttered tea
Buttered tea


April 28th


Yesterday, I drove down to a Tibetan village. I spent a night there with a Tibetan family. It’s 4,230 meters above sea level. No electricity, no signal. But I ate some good food with the family. They cooked stewed noodle for dinner. It’s a kind of wide pasta noodle. I also had Tibetan buttered tea and a local specialty, dried yak meat.


Tibetans usually have others kill their yaks in December. They don’t kill animals according to their Tibetan Buddhism beliefs. They pay Han or Muslim to kill yak and sheep. They preserve the meat without any additive for 6 months. They start eating it at the cordycep season that begins in May. It’s special because it’s dried directly from raw yak meat. Tibetans usually serve the dried yak meat with a sharp knife. Family members cut the meat whenever they like while eating and laughing.


Though the tent I slept in was really cold, I felt warm because the family was very hospitable.


On the way back to town, my car became stuck in the mud. But something came to my mind when I was stuck there. I thought, “How do we accomplish the mission task? Each Christian should invest in His Kingdom before investing in his or her own life.”


Knowing a lot of knowledge doesn’t mean equal action and change. The more you know, the less a person tends to do.


Please keep this family in your prayers.


CHTM July 2017 Update a visiting diary Yak meat
Yak meat

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