A Time for Cheer

We thank the Lord for the new trainings we started last August. Three churches are participating, and although each training was amazing, the best ones were organizing visits for Christmas to bring hope to children from vulnerable families, share the Gospel and plan future discovery groups. We identified seen and unseen problems in the communities as well as in the churches. One of the churches has a big desire to start a women’s group to serve members of the church. They already shared with their pastor and are praying about it.

The pastor’s wife shared about the experience: “It is the first time our small church has done this kind of activity for the community. All members of the church were excited. We were also afraid of people’s refusal, but we knew that God is with us. We found vulnerable families who are not getting help from the government or other organizations, and God helped us supply 35 Christmas gifts for children. We divided into two groups, one as Santa, and started to visit the families.

“When we entered the homes, both children and their parents were surprised, saying, “Wow, Santa.” Santa and the Christmas gifts were a surprise to them, and the children were so happy. We told them God loves them, that God sent His son for us, and that today is the birthday of Jesus. People listened. Some families asked us to visit them again, some families said nothing, but it was our joy to see happy smiles on the children and their parents too. God provided for these needy people.

“Some families had nothing to eat, and some children didn’t have suitable winter clothes. The houses were so dirty and empty of furniture. After this activity I cried a lot for several days. During prayer God showed me that they live in darkness, but He is giving His light through us. It was a significant experience for me, my husband, and our church.“

An Open Heart

For one of the trainings, one participant invited her relative, a devout Muslim. When we saw this woman in Muslim dress, we were unsure what to do. But God told us to continue with the planned training. We started by praying aloud together, then shared the big story from creation to salvation. She was attentive and answered the questions and took an active part during the training. At the end she shared that she did not know anything about God until this training. She is extremely interested and would like to continue to come. Thank you, Lord, for your miracles!

God’s Gift

We had several enjoyable Coffee-Life times where some of the topics discussed were authentic life, Jesus‘ birthday, and giving thanks. A girl from the orphanage invited her classmate to the meeting. The theme that day was “A gift from God.” They watched a movie and discussed what the gift from God is—Jesus. At the end of the meeting this girl who came for the first time was excited and said she would like to accept the gift from God into her life.

We thank each of you for your great support and prayers for us.

Prayer Needs

  • Pray that the Lord will give the new president of our country His wisdom.
  • We have started to minister in the communities. May the Lord go with us.
  • For training participants, may the Lord give them brave hearts and His vision.
  • For Coffee-Life ministry, pray the Lord will bless the participants.

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