A Successful Easter Celebration

Our church’s Easter Celebration went very well, and over twenty new visitors attended and heard the Gospel for the first time. After our worship time, we chatted with about fifteen of them for about two hours and answered all of their questions. We thanked God for a very helpful police presence that guaranteed no attack against us would take place during our Easter Celebration.

Our Celebration hit the newspapers, and it was my own write up that was published, so I was able to freely share the Gospel. As a result, even those who couldn’t attend our church could read about the Good News of Jesus.

We thank God not only for the new attendees, but for the spiritual growth that we joyfully witnessed in the members of our church, as they were very responsible in actively serving our Lord throughout this Easter Celebration.

Last month, we rented an office with two rooms to use for our radio ministry. We’ve turned it into a studio, having put insulation and other things that help us. Now we are working on the technical needs, and hope to begin producing programs again by the middle of April. Praise be to our Lord God.




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