A Simple Sewing Machine Leads to Ministry


We praise the Lord that Partners International helped Emma*, one of the church leaders, buy a sewing machine to start a small business. It is something she never could have purchased on her own. Now she is working at home, using this machine.

KGSC Fall update 2019 sewing

Emma invites local ladies to come and learn how to sew. In the process, she is building good relationships. One mom shared her life challenges and difficulties, mostly related to her family.


You see, in our culture “family” first and foremost means In-laws (the husband’s father and mother) have a big influence on him, his wife and children. The general problem local women face is that the husbands do not take responsibility for their families. The wife must take responsibility all on her own. So you can imagine the kinds of problems wives face in their families.


Emma’s sewing workplace is a safe haven where the women can relax and open up with their problems. As a result, this mom, and others, ask Emma for advice. Emma remains in God’s leading and gives advice that is founded on biblical principles instead of human expectations.


Please pray for these women, that they will seek and see God’s way and salvation. Pray too for Emma and other church leaders, that they will be filled with God’s wisdom and power as they work with women who have invisible injuries.


Support ministry workers like Emma as they work to share the love of God in the least reached places!



*Name changed for security.

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