A Shining Example to Her Peers and Teachers

N* is one of the children that our organization is ministering to. When she was only six years old, her father died of tuberculosis. Just one year later, her mother passed away from the same cause. She has two older brothers, but they both moved away after the death of their parents. She moved in with her grandparents, who live on a run-down farm on government-owned land, in a basic wooden house with bare earth flooring barely covered by wooden planks. They have no access to electricity.

When N* was eight, one of our church planting staff shared the Gospel with her grandparents. We give thanks to God that they opened their hearts soon afterward and accepted Jesus Christ into their lives. It was at this point that N* was registered at a club for elementary school students and received a SAC scholarship. She does very well in school as well, and the long distance she needs to travel between there and her home every day does not discourage her from her diligent participation in both school and her club activities. Since her involvement here, her faith has grown significantly as well.

N* is now in junior high school, and her faithfulness is still an example and role model for other children who attend with her. She is a very active participant in the Sundanese Christian Youth Club that we organize, where activities are held two Sundays every month. In particular, the Bible storytelling activities have been very influential on her development, as well as the development of other youths. She has learned to share the Gospel with others by telling these stories, even at such a young age.

Last May, N* was entrusted with telling the stories to other children in this club, instead of simply listening at the meetings. She is able to memorize and tell the story of Noah perfectly, without referring to the Bible at all, and at the end of last month, she was able to share this story from memory to her friends at the youth camp. This is amazing for a youth of her age, and she continues to be an example and an encouragement to all who know her.

She still lives with her grandparents, who are illiterate. Because of this, every evening she reads Bible stories to them. Her dream is to one day be a teacher.

*Name redacted for security reasons

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