A Seed that Bore Fruit

Cast your bread upon the waters, for after many days you will find it again.
Ecclesiastes 11:1

Women smiling and high fiving

As a leader in God’s work in North Africa, I had the joy of experiencing a situation recently that took me back years. A few days ago a coworker and I were visiting the niece of a friend about 20 km from our city. This newly married niece and her husband received us with great joy. They are living the faith in Jesus Christ. We spent about an hour visiting over cups of coffee.

We were about to say goodbye when the husband asked us to wait a little while for his mother to greet us, as she had shown her desire to say hello. When she arrived, she told me how happy she was to see me again after so many years.

I was perplexed, because I didn’t recognize her. She explained, “About 20 years ago, you gave me a New Testament and told me to read it carefully. At that time, I was wearing a black veil.” She went on to say, “My sisters were with me. They were actresses, voicing cartoons.” I finally made the connection and said, “Ah! You wanted to talk about a great book.”

That day 20 years ago when I gave this woman a New Testament, we had a long discussion that lasted over two hours. I did not know that she was conservative at the time and had a thirsty soul. The Gospel began to quench her thirst by answering all of her questions.

Then she told me what happened after I left that day. She has a fireplace, a special place at home, where she began following the Christian programs in the local language over satellite and on the radio; she also watched the Berber programs, even the cartoons shown on this platform.

I could see the depth of her faith, especially her maturity in all kinds of topics. We discussed how her faith in Jesus has grown. I invited her to join us for the radio recordings, which she accepted. So we never know how the Holy Spirit will use our witness for Him. Thank you for praying for this sister in Christ.

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  1. Samson GOLO

    We thank God for what He does through you, in that part of Africa. More anointing. IN THE NAME OF JÉSUS, EVERY KNEEL SHALL BOW AND EVERY TONGUE CONFESSES THAT JÉSUS CHRIST IS LORD FOR THE GLORY OF THE FATHER !


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