A Seed Grows After Two Years

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Two years ago, our team met Tria, a 29-year-old local woman, when our friend, a Christian, brought her to our house. My wife and I got to know her and listened to her problems, and had the opportunity to tell her the Good News. But when she heard it, she was not ready to believe. A few weeks after that conversation, she quit her job and moved back to her village, and we did not see her again.

A few months ago, Tria found out her husband had another woman and did not care for her or their child, so she left him and took their 6-month-old baby. During this time, she remembered the Gospel conversation we had two years prior, and decided to travel to a city about 10 hours away by bus, where many Christians live. For three months, she searched for a place to study the Bible, but could not find one, so she came to find us.

After traveling for about 12 hours, she met her Christian friend and they came over to our house. My wife and I were pleased to speak with her again. Tria expressed her desire to learn about Jesus, but we could see that in her heart she still had an intention to take revenge on her husband. We tried to express understanding and said, “If you killed your husband, what would you get? You will go to jail. Earier you said you wanted to follow Jesus; who do you think Jesus is?” She answered, “I don’t know.”

We told her about the fall of mankind into sin and how God forgave and saved mankind through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. At the end of the story we asked if the story made sense, that we cannot obtain forgiveness by our own efforts but only by the grace of God. She said the story makes sense.

“Do you want your sins to be forgiven?” we asked. “Yes, I do,” she replied. “Do you believe that Jesus died and rose to forgive and save you?” we challenged her. “Yes, I believe,” she replied clearly.

Then we emphasized that because Jesus Christ loves us so much that he died to save us, if we believe in Him, we have to love others. “You must be able to forgive your husband, and surrender all to Jesus, to let Him provide a way out.” Tria understood all of this.

At the next meeting, Tria asked what the conditions are to follow Jesus. We explained that being a follower of Jesus means turning away from our sinful nature and following His teachings. She said that she sincerely believes in Jesus. We prayed and she confessed her sins and accepted Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

After praying, to explain baptism, we told her about the eunuch, and she said she was ready to be baptized at our next meeting. That night she had to travel back to another city to visit a friend. While she was in the other city, we discipled her by phone and social media. On one occasion, she said she was facing a test and wanted to be faithful just as Jesus was faithful.

The Good News that was sown two years ago is growing in Tria’s heart. The struggles in her life pushed her to find peace in Jesus Christ, and after three months of searching, she found that peace. We are grateful that God used us to lead Tria to Him.

  1. Pray that Tria’s faith will grow.
  2. Pray that the discipleship process will continue to go well, even if only by telephone and social media.
  3. Pray that God will give her a solution in dealing with the problems with her husband. Pray for her baby to grow well.
  4. Pray that God will continue to give us wisdom and creativity in sharing the Good News and discipling believers.

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  1. Anne Southern

    Thank you for sharing Tria’s story.

    My husband and I prayed over her, over the team in Sumatra and partners.



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