A Secret of Three

Hello, our friends!

Today we want to share with you with wonderful time and testimonies from Our Time project’s meeting in the middle of January. It was a holy day for our participants, and they were able to rest and participate in our seminar.

This seminar was a small camp for them for three days; it was a wonderful time. The theme was “A Secret of Three.” Every day they found out more about this secret. By the third day, they learned that the secret was, that they have 3 ways to live: the first way is a dedicated life, the second is a compromise way, and the third way is an unbeliever’s way. Each day they learned the advantages and disadvantages of each approach and the results of each lifestyle. The goal was to encourage them to live a dedicated life.camp adonia march

Below are thoughts from some of the students after the three days.

“At this seminar, I felt the presence of God. I’ve discovered a lot for myself about my life and about God. Earlier I felt that God called me, but I was unsure. But now, after this seminar I could challenge myself I could answer the calling, I could promise God, that I dedicate all my life to God. I devoted my life a lot of times, and it seemed like it didn’t work, but today something changed, earlier I gave promise for myself, but today I felt the presence of God, and I promised it to Him. I’m sure that God will Lead me, now He will be My God!”

-Ellie, 17-year-old girl

“This seminar helped me to choose my way it put the final point in my life. A lot of times I cried, asked God to help me, but this time was unique, it wasn’t like some new understanding, but it gave me a firm foundation for what I believe. Now I know that there is no other life, except the experience with God in His hands in His Word. So many times I wanted to say: God I give my life to you, but something bothered me, I had a significant conflict in my heart, but at this time I decided, that I will change my life, that I will say those words.”

-Adam, 18-year-old boy

“I understood that there is no place for compromises with sin, I realized, that there is only two ways, highway to hell, and narrow path to God and I cannot say that I’m a believer and live like an unbeliever. Here I got all the answers to my questions, I was amazed. I understood that I want to live a dedicated life, that there is nothing better than this. Through the games I realized, that my heart is very sinful, that world impacting me more than God, through the lessons I understood the truth, and now I want to live according to that truth. I want to build my life on a rock, I want to build my life on Jesus!”

-Amy, 15-year-old girl

Please pray for all these teenagers, for their decisions and for their walking with God. Also please pray for our summer, we are planning to go to new places, regions where Christians face fundamental Islam and persecutions. We want to go there and help them, we want to create some day camps as well as teen sessionscamp adonia march.

If you noticed on the photo, whole the worship band is teenagers, we are so thankful for that!

Your friends,

Camp Adonai team.


*All names have been changed

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