A Relationship Healed

Our ministry has been spreading the Gospel, planning follow-up meetings with new believers, organizing discipleship training, and planting churches in the northern India. This testimony is from a village where much of this work has been taking place. In this place, it has been very difficult for us to share the Gospel message:

Reena* and Param* are a couple are from one of the districts, and they have been married for five years. Reena* was unable to conceive, as she had a tumour in her ovaries. In their culture, a woman who cannot bear children is mocked and looked down upon. This was the source of many issues in their family, and they were never able to experience real peace. After several years of being unable to come to terms, they decided that it would be best for them to live separately from each other.

Two of our field workers came across this family during their door-to-door witnessing. They talked for awhile, and our workers eventually asked to pray for her. Reena* broke down in tears and shared her story with them. They gave her some much-needed encouragement, and told her that God is able to perform wonders. They shared the Gospel message and prayed for her.  Reena could sense something different would happen if she accepted Jesus has her Savior. Shortly afterward, she commited her life to Christ.

The couple was invited to come to church and listen to the Word of God. According to Romans 10:17, their faith increased, and it brought peace into their hearts for the first time in years. They both started attending the church services regularly, and our field worker couple regularly followed up with them. They stopped fighting and began to fully put their trust in God. They wanted to be obedient to the Word of God, so they were baptized. There has been a tremendous change in their relationship and way of life as a result of all of this, and now they are happy and growing in the Lord daily.

Pray for:

  • Please pray for God to touch and heal Reena,* and for God to bless them with a child.
  • Please pray for the Gospel to be shared in unreached villages.
  • Pray for more churches to be planted in unreached villages.

*Names changed for security reasons


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