A Positive Event

Dear friends, we are grateful for your support as we move forward in 2021. This year has brought some new changes and challenges, but we thank God that He protects us. We have two new staff members—an administrator and an accountant. Our previous team members spent four wonderful years with us, but now they are moving on with new ministries, reaching out to people in their neighborhoods and discipling them. But thanks to God, He provided good candidates, so with new members and new strength, we continue our work with children and youth.

Recently, in partnership with a local organization, we held a big event for teenagers. We gathered nearly 100 teens at a trampoline center. They got to make friends and jump on trampolines for hours. The event was around Christmas time, so we shared the true meaning of Christmas. This was a great opportunity for Christian kids to meet and become friends with non-believers in a safe and neutral environment. One group that works with children brought their kids to the event. This is what they had to say:

During the pandemic we started providing tutoring to children. This was the first time we took our students to an event like this. This event was very important for us, because this is the first time parents allowed their children to go with us, and they knew that this event was dedicated to Christmas. We were concerned that the children might fall and hurt themselves, get in a fight, or that the other children might offend them, giving them a negative experience interacting with Christians.

But everything was good. Our children were impressed, they found new friends, and they were very grateful for this event. After that, we invited these children and their parents to church for the Christmas service. And we were very surprised when 35 children, plus five parents, came to the Sunday service. Most of them had never heard the Gospel or been to a church.

All the parents who came identified as Muslims, but they said they would not mind their children attending church. So now we have three children who attend church regularly, and they invite their friends. This event helped us to tell others that we are Christians in a very non-intimidating and friendly manner. Now we can share our faith more openly because our students know about it and they are very interested in church and in God.

Dear partners, please pray for these families, that they will experience God’s love. Also please pray for our team. Two of our team members are being treated at the hospital.

With love,
Camp Adonai team

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