A New Perspective on Discipleship

A New Perspective on Discipleship

One of our ministry’s higher education branches was established in 2004, back when several countries in the Middle East and North Africa had no seminary or Bible college options. Today there are more Christian education institutions in this part of the world, but still some of them are unable to accept students from non-Christian backgrounds.

Our branch in Kenya serves believers in this region and grants a certificate accredited by Daystar University in Nairobi, Kenya. This is a testimony from one of the students there:

Kulay* took a class from us on community development, which included one week of time on the field practicing hands-on learning, rather than in a classroom. He told us that this is what impacted him the most, as it broadened his perspective about ministry. He said, “When you go out, you see people’s needs more clearly.”

He used to think that discipleship meant only to study, but this is how he defines discipleship now that he has completed his studies: “It’s a lifelong process. It never comes to an end. Every day, you are trying to be more Christ-like. It’s a transformational process, a way of life, rather than simply an education.”

On the subject of his dreams for what was to come next after his return to his home in Algeria, Kulay said that he wanted to return to his local church and relay his newly-acquired knowledge to other people. He also added, “My biggest dream is to learn together with the young men how to be disciples together.”

After his return to Algeria, he started doing ministry among the youth at his local church. He also assists in a Bible school held in Turkey, which provides education for indigenous believers from the region.

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