A Model of Discipleship

A young man from the northeast of Morocco accepted Jesus for the first time five months ago. Right away, he started sharing the Gospel with some of his friends at the university he attended, with very positive results. When his father found out about all of this, he threw him out of the house and denied him as his son. He has been without a home or consistent food ever since this happened, so our ministry helps him as much as possible, which allows him to concentrate on his education.

This young man recently met for coffee with a friend he had known for quite some time, and was able to answer all of the questions he had about Islam. At the end of their conversation, he prayed over his friend. His friend went home from that meeting and started talking with God about whether He was the god of Islam or the God of Christianity, as he desperately wanted to point his life in the right direction. That night as he slept, he had a dream that someone appeared to him, addressed him, and said “All your friend has told you about me is the truth. I am Jesus.”

The next day he was excited to share with his friends all that had happened to him, and how Jesus had appeared to him in a dream. His friends were all surprised to hear him recount all of this, because they know him very well, and they knew that he always told the truth. Because they trusted him, they all eventually decided to give their lives to Jesus. He is changing their lives more and more every day as they continue to follow after Him.


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