A Miraculous Healing Through Prayer

A Miraculous Healing through Prayer

Bible Faith Mission continues to work in various states in India. Vimala is a member of one of the BFM church in a village. She is in a nominal Christian family. She and her husband have four children – three sons and one daughter. Her husband is a daily wage laborer. Her daughter does very well in school. Because their financial situation was very poor, she also began daily wage work. One day while she was working in the field, she had a pain in her body and slowly began to lose her ability to speak. The right side of the body became paralyzed, and she was admitted to the hospital.

The people from the church she attended, along with their pastor, prayed earnestly over her. In a miraculous way, she slowly regained her ability to talk and move her body. Within a week’s time she was able to stand up. For a few days she had to remain in her bed.  Slowly she is starting to go back to work, and now she is completely healed and is able to work full days. This is a testimony for the whole community that God hears our prayers and that He heals.

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  1. Katie

    Please pray for my daughter for healing from allergies (dust mite, egg, milk, wheat ) etc and also healing from autism and to communicate & respond properly and understand etc
    Thank you so much

    • Partners International

      Hi Katie, we will be praying for your daughter!


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