A Message of Hope before Easter

This month our relief team visited the home of F*. She facilitates for the team by bringing them to the homes of those in need in her village. She lives in a place heavily influenced by Islam and full of tension due to their unstable political situation. This all means that Muslims in this area are not very open to Christians and the Gospel.

Despite her Islamic faith, F* and her daughter welcomed our team into their home. There was a feeling of sadness in the house, as they had recently lost two family members. Our team was able to bring them a message of hope during this difficult time in their lives. This happened shortly before Easter weekend, so they were able to incorporate this into the salvation story that they shared.

They told the family how God sent His Son so that His blameless blood may be spilt and sacrificed for us. They also explained that Jesus is the only way to eternal life, not good works as it is in other religions. After this, there was joy in their household despite their loss. We pray that the story of the Gospel will continue to be a source of joy for them, and that this will be the beginning of their journey of faith in Christ.

*Name redacted for security reasons


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