A Living Testimony of God’s Grace

IFCM has been actively involved in Church planting ministry in the Northern state of India. This particular state is hardcore within their traditions, practices, and rituals. There are places of worship for other faith(s) on what seems like every street corner.

It is challenging to be involved in telling people about the Good News, following-up with them, discipleship, and church planting ministry in this state. Thankfully, among the problems, God has been faithful, and His work continues to grow.

God has provided excellent opportunities to reach out to a different group of people and families who are searching for the living God in their lives, who will be able to give them, love, joy, and peace. Many of these families live in very poor conditions and struggle to make a livelihood. When the Gospel is presented to these people, they experience true love, and joy in these hearts which other religions do not give them.


For example, one of our field workers came across a gal named Anna*. She comes from a non-Christian background. She’s a young, beautiful woman who was married to a man who was a drunkard. During her marriage, she was harshly abused and beaten regularly and wouldn’t tell anyone because she feared for her life. She was isolated from her family and struggling.

One day, her husband, who was drunk in a fit of rage, threw acid on her face and she lost her eyesight in the attack. The man ran away and is not to be found. She was rushed to the hospital by the neighbors and received treatment, but her eyes were lost. During this time, our field worker met her at the hospital and shared the love of God to her and the Gospel message. She opened her heart to invite the Lord Jesus Christ and started to experience Him exceptionally in her life.

Anna has adjusted to her new life and is now living with her sister. They sing and pray and also invite their friends to come and join them when our field worker visits them. The Lord Jesus Christ has blessed them with peace and joy from above. They still fear for their lives but know God cares for them and will protect them. Her testimony has brought many more non-Christian families into the fold.

*Names have been changed for security purposes.

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