A Life Changed Through a Microloan

A Life Changed through a MicroloanKady is one of the beneficiaries of our microloan program, who is living in the Moussinini village. She shares this story of how her life has changed as a result:

“I became a Christian because of the microloan program, as the ladies in the program meet every Tuesday afternoon for three hours. When we gather, apart from the main activities, we go through the Discovery Bible Study, and we learn Bible stories. Out of these meetings, God spoke to my heart.

Before my conversion I was addicted to alcohol and participated in witchcraft. The lady coordinating the microloan program invested a lot of her time and resources into me, showing much perseverance. Now, Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior.

The loan I received has not been my only source of income. I have also started to sell vegetables at the local market. I am very happy about this double blessing of being saved by Jesus and blessed this way through Partners International. From my business, I am now able to cover my children’s schooling and invest into our family farm, where my husband and I grow peanuts and millet. I thank God for my new family that helped me overcome my past addictions. I pray for God to bless the donors and the Partners International staff.”

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