A Father to the Fatherless


Fadi*, a Christian Outreach Fellowship Missionary was severely ill with an infection called Cerebrospinal Meningitis. He was hospitalized a few days before Easter. It was a near-death experience, but we thank God for saving his life because Fadi was discharged on April 22nd. He is now fully recovered by the grace of God and back to ministering to the Fufulde people.

GHCO May June 2019

Fadi has a high urgency to engage and connect with these people. His most recent connection is with 14-year-old Kuuku, a Muslim Fulani orphan. Kuuku’s mother asked Fadi to take custody of her son since she is a widow without employment, she is unable to take of care of Kuuku and his siblings all by herself. Fadi and his wife, have graciously allowed Kuuku to stay with them while Kuuku’s mother has traveled out of town.

Let us keep Kuuku in our prayers so that the hospitality of Fadi’s family will open a door for him to come to faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you.

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