A Discussion with a Muslim Apologist

Our team started an outreach ministry in one Indonesian province less than a year ago. We are grateful for 11 new believers from this ministry. In addition to discipling these new believers, our goal is to share the Gospel with 400 people this year. We are thankful that God continues to open the way for us to meet local people who are open to Gospel conversation. One conversation was with a Muslim apologist.

Muslim apologist crossing his arms

Starting the Conversation

One of those conversations was with Tav. He is an educated Muslim. After we got to know each other and talked a lot about general things, Tav asked my teammate and me about our beliefs. I told him that we are followers of Christ. Then he immediately asked if I really believed that Jesus was crucified. In return, I asked him why he asked me that question. He said that I had to answer his question first. So I answered his question by saying that Jesus really died on the cross and He rose on the third day from the dead. After that, I continued to explain the Gospel to him and why we should believe and accept it.

He was surprised to hear my explanation. The Gospel he knew was very different from what I described. Finally, he told me that he is a teacher of Islam who specifically studied Islam apologetics. He and some of his friends are currently running social media accounts that specifically aim to attack Christianity. He also confessed that he is a follower of a foreign professor who converted from Christianity to Islam.

The Truth of the Gospel

Based on God’s Word, I tried to convince him about the truth of the Gospel. We emphasized that Christ is the Messiah, who had been prophesied by the prophets from Adam to Moses. We assured him that Christ is the only Person symbolized by the sacrifices taught by the prophets from the Old Testament. Tav said this was his first time hearing that explanation. He had never before heard what we shared with him.

Then I asked him if he would accept Christ the Savior as the only way God has provided to forgive his sins, the only sacrifice God provided. He said he needed time to think about it. Then we made an appointment to meet again in a few days to continue our discussion. Please pray for my teammate and me, that God will help us convey His Word in a powerful way to this Muslim apologist and for the Holy Spirit to work in his heart.

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