A Courageous Worker in Dangerous Places

Isaac* is a 35 years old church planter who partners with our ministry. He is married and a father of one boy, and is known for his zeal to reach the unreached people in his country. Isaac* shares with us about his work, his perspectives, and he requests your prayers. He says:

“I want to thank God for the work I was able to do in a village several hours from the capital city. I especially thank Him for His protection during the process. When I first arrived in the village, there was not a single Christian. The work was very hard, but by His grace, I started evangelizing. Now we have up to one hundred new believers. Ten among them have been baptized, and they regularly attend the church services. The rest remain in their homes, and we visit and follow up with them regularly, as they are not yet baptized. It can be destructive to expose certain people once they believe. I am so grateful to God for what He allowed us to do in this village.

“I also thank God for another breakthrough regarding the conversion of three top religious leaders in the country. They live in three different locations, and they have been baptized in secret. I advised them not to extract themselves from their communities and environments, as those may ae valuable platforms for witnessing in the future. I visit them at night, so as not to attract attention, and we share the Word of God with their families. Please pray for them, as their situation could become quite dangerous.”

Isaac* does not stop there. He has been called by the Spirit to visit Senegal, a country where he believes there are several religious leaders whose influence extends to many other countries in West Africa. Isaac* believes that God had given him a special grace to do this dangerous work. Your prayers for this courageous worker are very much appreciated.

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