A Community Center to Heal Relationships

A Community Center to Heal Relationships

One day as I was walking down from the residential building where we rent office space, I noticed a couple that was arguing loudly. The husband was leaving, and the wife was dragging him back, not letting him go. Their son, who looked to be about two years old, was standing in the doorway with his eyes full of tears. I felt heartbroken seeing this happening in my neighborhood.

I went to the community committee office to see if they were able to provide any kind of help for families like this one, but their answer was no – they don’t have staff for problems like these. However, the office staff told me that if our ministry was able to do something to help this couples and others like them to reconcile, that they would support our work!

In our country right now, there are a lot of middle class families who are living an affluent life. However, in terms of relationships and marriages, parenting, extended families, etc., most of non-Christian families are suffering in different ways. Though their lives might look fine on the outside, there are a lot of internal struggles that most don’t notice. There are affairs, lack of communication skills, lack of mediators, and many other factors that contribute to this. We moved to our current space in this new city six months ago with the goal of planting churches, and we are sure that helping to absolve some of this conflict is part of God’s call and plan for our ministry.

We recently registered a community center with the government, which will serve the purpose of providing several services to our community, including counselling for marriage problems, elder care, and parenting classes. The neighborhood our office is located in is mostly large residential buildings, and this strategic location means that hundreds of families could potentially be benefited.

Prayer Requests:

  • This month, we are hosting premarital counselling trainings for the community, with expected attendance of thirty people. Pray that God will bring in the people who need this the most.
  • Pray that we can reach this community through holistic service and love to the broken families.
  • Pray that we can work with more resources partners in the future to help us facilitate similar trainings and train our staff with proper skills.

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