A Clear Goal and a Clear Strategy

D* is a rapidly developing residential neighborhood in our city. Huge migrations have helped the real estate business boom. It also has temples, which are historically famous. Pastor S* planted a church here in 2014. Within three years the church was able to reach 25 families. Pastor S* had a clear goal of reaching 50 families and then 100 families. He had a clear vision and a goal but how to accomplish that goal was still unclear.

He accidentally walked in to our center to get a prayer book. The conversation started, and then he brought the leadership team for a three hour consultation in which they felt God is guiding them to a strategy. Pastor S* then selected fifteen of his leaders, and we trained for two days in church growth principles and how to grow the churches in urban centers.

“Teachings on church growth transformed our understanding of church planting. We wanted to expand the church by centralizing, but these teachings helped us to decentralize the churches so that they can be transforming agents in the respective centers,” said A*, one of the participants.

Pastor S* remains a bi-vocational pastor. He has a rice selling business and a service center, which taps the available plumbers and electricians in the church to create job opportunities for them as well. “We are very clear about the goal, and after this training we are also confident about the strategy. As our neighborhood is growing, we want to reach out and plant churches so that the community will be transformed holistically,” says Pastor S*.

*Names redacted for security reasons

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